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Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (A CAPELLA cover)

Free Download 🙂 You must sing along to it though. This and the original played at the same time: Every sound was made using my mouth/voice (except the clap and the skrillex sample). Seriously Flux, your sounds took a while to mimic. I don’t have a studio or a professional microphone, but that […]

How do you stop yourself from beat boxing?

Question by : How do you stop yourself from beat boxing? It isn’t like I am good or anything… I start beat boxing when I start searching on google. sounds like a good try duke! Best answer: Answer by G00dbye My Friend

Stop Motion BeatBox

n Thanks to THQ for the uDraw GameTablet! Check ’em out on Facebook: Thanks to Lauren for the MysteryDino: Download the MP3: Check out my other videos: My second channel: Shirts: Stickers and 3D glasses: Send me things: Mystery Guitar Man PO Box 691067 Hollywood, CA 90069 Video […]