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Foz vs Beardyman – 2006 UK Beatbox Champs – Semi final round 1

Foz takes on Beardyman in the semi final round 1 of the 2006 UK Beatbox Championships grand final. Winner: Beardyman Filmed by On the One Multimedia Video Rating: 4 / 5

Beatin’ ’round the Bush

Bush beatboxes, Cheney DJs Thanks for all the views/comments! The artist performing (most) of the orginal beatbox is DJ Effex – he’s currently working on getting a site going here

RoBeat vs. Mando @ 5th German Beatbox Battle – Final Round RoBeat vs. Mando in the final round of the German Beatbox Battle at Kalkscheune in Berlin, 2007. Mando was defending his 2006 titel and can enter 2nd Beatbox World Championship to represent Germany to the fullest. He won two golden Shure SM58 microphones…