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Final Fantasy VII – One Winged Angel (Sephiroth) – Piano Violin

Enjoy our transciption of one of the greatest video game music ever made !! ‘One Winged Angel’ From final Fantasy VII Nobuo Uematsu Hope you will like it ! 😉 Yumeduo

Foz vs Beardyman – 2006 UK Beatbox Champs – Semi final round 1

Foz takes on Beardyman in the semi final round 1 of the 2006 UK Beatbox Championships grand final. Winner: Beardyman Filmed by On the One Multimedia Video Rating: 4 / 5

Zeph vs Krnfx – 1/4 Final – Grand Beatbox Battle

krnfx canada toronto ontario tdot zeph marseille france at theGrand Beatbox Battle in Basel at the Bscene Festival in Switzerland. Bscene festival is the biggest club festival in our country. this is the elimination round. the host of the grand beatbox battle was Camero and the judges were Camero, Bee Low, Lytos, Nexor, Doublebox (Stella […]

Beardyman vs Pikey Esquire – 2006 UK Beatbox Champs – Grand final

The grand final of the 2006 UK Beatbox Championships. Beardyman vs Pikey Esquire….. Winner: Beardyman Filmed by On the One Multimedia Video Rating: 4 / 5

Beatbox Battle World Champs 2012 – Semi Final – Skiller VS Reeps One ★★★★★

please thumb up here: Skiller from Bulgaria VS Reeps One from the UK Audiomastering by DaSka Records

B-Caja vs Babeli Semi Final – German Beatbox Battle 2011

please thumb up here: Like it: – Watch the Semi Final between B-Caja vs Babelilive on stage at the 6th German Beatbox Battle at Festsaal Kreuzberg, in Berlin. All Beatboxer in the competition used the brand new Beatbox Battle Microphone: BBB DFive which was produced by AKG. http Deutsche Beatbox […]

Beatboxing lytos vs. doeme – Final – Emperor of Mic 2010 – Final lytos from Spain vs. doeme from Hungary. lytos won and is the Emperor of Mic 2010powered by AKG. ————————————– Emperor of Mic 2010 The toughest Beatbox Battle of the world. It’s taking place at Graz/Austria for the first time in 2010. Seven of the best beat boxers were invited to this tournament […]

Killa Mahanie vs. Primitiv – Belgium Beatbox Championship – Final

The great final Battle between Killa Mahanie vs. Primitiv live on stage at the 4. Belgium Beatbox Championship in Ghent. http Official Championship, Contest, Mic, SM58, Stage, Ghent, Music, Hip Hop, Style, Flavor, MC, face 2 face, microphone

Grand Beatbox Battle – Final – Skiller vs. Ball-Zee

website: twitter: facebook: gplus: Grand Beatbox Battle 2012 at the Bscene Festival in Basel. It was amazing, thanks to Didi Yama for filming with my camera, I hope you all enjoy. The host was Steff La Cheffe Quarterfinals: Skiller (Bulgaria) vs. Ball-Zee (UK) WINNER: Ball-Zee Please support us and share this […]

EXPERIMENTAL VS BEATFOX – UK Beatbox Championships 2012 – 1/2 Final

twitter: website: facebook: gplus: UK Beatbox Championship second 1/2 Final: Experimental vs Beatfox, Winner: Beatfox sub to: provides video clips from professional beatboxers and new talents all over the world, film concerts and battles and has a vision to bring beatbox to another level. Please support us and share […]