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Worlds best beat boxer(Full version)-Joseph

Worlds best beat boxer full version Video Rating: 4 / 5

Best remixes of Summer (Rihanna,Pitbull,Tom Boxer,Sasha Lopez,…) MegaMix

People, here’s a page Facebook where me and a friend share new club songs (like this) and some of our work. You can like it : Mix of the best remixes songs of 2012.Tracklist on the video (only for promotion) Yes, I did change the title because I think these music are great and […]


Jaman! Wer Alberto noch nicht kennt, checkt seinen Kanal ab, wenn euch seine Videos gefallen könnt ihr auch gern abonnieren, er würde sich darüber sehr freuen: Alberto ist unserer Meinung nach der beste Beatboxer in Deutschland und es war uns eine Ehre ein Video zusammen mit ihm zu machen. Auf jeden Fall ist er […]

what phone is best for voice recording?

Question by serotonin: what phone is best for voice recording? I want to get a phone with really good quality voice recording, what’s out there that’s good? It’s manly gonna be used for beatboxing and i wont be buying a new phone for a while just wondering what i should go for next! thanks! Best […]

Beatbox Battle World Champs 2012 – Best 16 – MC ZANI VS Monkey

please thumb up here: Video Rating: 4 / 5

Х Фактор 2 Украина. Аида Николайчук. The best Acapella

Х Фактор 2. Кастинг в Одессе. Выступление девушки, которое вызвало у судей подозрение в использовании фонограммы.


It was just a normal night at In-N-Out. We were busy chowing down on some double doubles and animal fries when employee Brandon Martinez strolled over to our table and solidified his stance as the world’s best beatboxer. “Let me tell you bout my best friend…” Video Rating: 4 / 5

The best of beardyman beatboxing

This is a load of Beardyman videos that I put together to show some of his best work. All natural beatboxing (not using the khaoss pads) altough he does some awesome stuff with it. Big it up for BEARDYMAN!! Video Rating: 4 / 5

What is the best looping device with the lowest cost if all I want to do is loop my beatboxing beats?

Question by : What is the best looping device with the lowest cost if all I want to do is loop my beatboxing beats? I don’t want to do anything fancy like change the tempo, pitch, or add effects. Simply a foot pedal looping device that I can hook a mic up to and record […]

Best Dubstep Beatbox Ever

His facebook→ His Channel→ He is Reeps One from UK. He is UK Beatbox Champion.