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Month: July, 2013

Fireflies – Owl City (Del Lazaro acapella)

This song is so cool! I really like it because it’s creative and different, but still has a “feel good” mood about it. The more I listened to it the more I felt it was perfect for an acapella. There’s so much going on in the arrangement…keys, synths, guitar, strings…and the bass line was syncopated […]

What is a good rap/hip-hop song with beat boxing?

Question by Ryan N: What is a good rap/hip-hop song with beat boxing? I’m heading up a group competition where you get some people to beat box in the background while a few others rap or sing the vocals. Need some good background. Best answer: Answer by Protect Ya NeckSlick Rick & Doug E. Fresh […]

Eklips the Beat Box Showmaster – Beatbox Battle TV get the new Beatbox Battle microphone: The uncut version of the exclusive showcase from Eklips live on stage at the 2. Beatbox Battle World Championship music festival in Berlin, Germany. Eklips is a real vocal FX master and a original stage hero. Maximum Respect !!! http Loopstation Vocalscratch Melody MC DJ […]