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Month: May, 2010

Disposal – beatbox Dharni Singapore

get the microphone Beatbox Battle new: Singapore Dharni beatboxbattle.comValoración Video: 4 / 5


Masta Mic here, hi. Actually, it’s not Skrillex beatbox. it’s cooler 100x times, sorry! SUBSCRIBE please! every Masta Mic loves it. Live cool life please. the same. I love you! Hope you love me too and ps: the cameraman is my dog and the best cameradog in the world! respect! oh no. but yes! […]

“Monkey Jazz” : BEARDYMAN & mr_hopkinson™

“MONKEY JAZZ” Combining the talents of 2 times UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman [ ]and master of the edit mr_hopkinson [ http ], this is a one take performance by Beardyman using live looping technology that has been visually explained and augmented by mr_hopkinson’s edit and animation. Conceived and Produced by mr_hopkinson & Beardyman. You […]

‘Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man)’ a cappella tribute medley – Corey Vidal and Moosebutter

A Star Wars-themed, four-part a cappella musical tribute set to cinematic themes from composer John Williams. Video by Corey Vidal Vocals (ALL singing) by Moosebutter Written and recorded by Moosebutter Please support our careers, everyone’s love of Star Wars, and the amazing work… Video Rating: 4 / 5