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Month: October, 2009

Eklips live in Paris at Red Bull BC One 2008

SUBSCRIBE: The high quality live showcase of the vocal sound master Eklips from Paris. His show was part of the Red Bull BC One 2008 B-Boy competition in the heart of France. This video was recorded by the Freecaster/Camcast family and is a part of the festival line up between the official break dance […]

Harmonica + Beatbox: Final Cut

Yuri Lane performs beatbox harmonica in this short video directed by Marty Nowak. (The previous version had some distortion from YouTube’s compression.)

A Quick Hip Hop Beatbox Tutorial

A Quick Hip Hop Beatbox Tutorial If you want to get into beatboxing, you can go ahead and start off with this beatbox tutorial, but it really comes down to practice. You have to keep working at it and working out your own unique sounds and beats and really bring it home. It’s all on […]

Beat the Lunch Box Blues

Beat the Lunch Box Blues It seems like I always fall into a rut when it comes to packing lunches for the kids. It’s so important to me that they eat what I pack and that it’s healthy enough to keep their little brains charged for the remainder of the day. I like to get their input […]

Forever – Chris Brown – A Capella Cover – Mike Tompkins

This version is available on iTunes: NO GREEN SCREEN WAS USED IN THIS VIDEO!‬ http Hugs to you all! Song Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Mike Tompkins Video Edited by: Mike Tompkins Camera Operators: Chris Evans, Kayla Tompkins, Mike Tompkins