Amazing Beatbox

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Month: December, 2008


asks Sonya B : beatboxing does anyone know good sites beatboxing or anything I can learn? I know how to beatbox a bit, but I really need a little more, sounds kind that are easy to learn .. 2Mejor response: Answer I am the woman Go to / tags / beatboxing, and youtube-beatboxing flute […]


Masta Mic from Russia. Love my friends!!! It was really fun making this video. Just a few house tracks. And a cherry. No!! a Pumpkin. Yeees

Beat Box 2

I go to store, I beat box. Stay tuned for “Blue Tooth Man” coming next Friday!! Video Rating: 4 / 5

BeAt bOx

dAmN tHis guy ir really good for this bussines, he also sing dA michael jackson’s song… BILLY JEAN!!!, thE USHER song yeah! check this video out… DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, YOU CAN GET DISSAPOINTED… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Local Vocal – 90’s Dance acapella medley mix

No instruments, just a capella – Danish acapella vocal group – specialising in nordic vocal soundtradition and paying our tribute to the 90’s dance hits in our own a capella way. Play in HD and pump up the volume – everybody dance now!! Please leave comments in English. Contact info: www: email: Facebook: […]