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Is it possible to do the accurate electric guitar sound in beatbox?

Question by : Is it possible to do the accurate electric guitar sound in beatbox?
I’m an Egyptian 14 year old girl and i have a big dream to be one of the best beatboxers or u can say the best.
I practice a lot to improve my skills but i just wanted to ask if the accurate electric guitar sound can be made in beatbox cuz i really want to do it because my fav music is rock and metal.
If you have any links or videos that would help please insert them and thank you.

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Answer by Gdgh
Yes Im not sure if there are any videos. If you want i can put your videos on youtube, check out my channel, we advertise videos

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Dub FX 18/04/2009 ‘Flow’ feat. Woodnote


How do you stop yourself from beat boxing?

Question by : How do you stop yourself from beat boxing?
It isn’t like I am good or anything… I start beat boxing when I start searching on google.
sounds like a good try duke!

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Answer by G00dbye My Friend
make different noises with your mouth.
bite your lips

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Such Great Heights Acapella

Such Great Heights Acapella

100% acapella. No music tracks whatsoever. A tribute to my favourite band. The Postal Service has brought me through a lot, and tearing this song apart to it’s bare bones really gave me a new appreciation for Jimmy Tamborello (google him). FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: I am accompanied by Chelsea-Lyne Heins! Make sure to check out her channel
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Free Beats

Free Beats was created and produced by Chris Sullivan with the support of the Sierra Mist Creative Lab which promotes emerging comedy talent.
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Lily Allen – LDN Acapella

An acapella version of Lily Allen’s LDN.

At Last (Etta James Acapella Tribute Cover) PLUS Thankyou Message – by Alexa Goddard

Helllooo everyone! Etta James was one of my biggest inspirations – and I was devastated when she passed away recently. So in tribute to Etta, I wanted to sing one of her all-time classics “At Last”. And here it is, completely acapella! I hope you enjoy it. RIP Etta. Also, on a few recent videos, a few people have commented on me using auto tune. Let me set the record straight – I DO NOT USE AUTOTUNE. I use a great microphone (thanks to the lovely people at Rode – and apply reverb and harmonies to make the sound as good as possible for you. Everything you hear is me. There’s no auto tune or pitch correction at all in any of my videos. This video is me singing straight to camera – completely acapella. I hope you enjoy it! After all the AMAZING support you have all given me over the last 18 months since I started my channel, I just wanted to say a little thank you as well. There’s so many exciting things happening over the next few months and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys. Please subscribe to my channel (AlexaMusicTV), share the video with your friends on facebook and twitter and “Like” my facebook page at Also, please check out all of my songs to download on iTunes at Twitter: @alexagoddard // //

Eklips the Beat Boxing Master @ Beatbox Battle Convention

Eklips the Beat Boxing Master @ Beatbox Battle Convention

get the new Beatbox Battle microphone: The Human Soundmachine and Beatbox master Eklips from Paris performed live on stage at the Beatbox Battle Convention in Berlin. Eklips is one of the best beat box entertainer from Europe and a great special fx sound maker. He is known all over the world for his beatboxing Rap cover versions. Maximum Respect !!! Caixa da Batida Bôite à Rythme Bit Boks κτυπήστε το κιβώτιο Mond Percusie 拍子盒 Scatola di Battute 비트박스 коробка удара 敲打箱子 Vocale Percussie صخبا الطرق Biittaus Mulakrobat Szájdob Maultrommel Beat Box human beatboxing vocalscratch scratching one man band live entertainer
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Wake (Acapella) – RnL VideoSong

One man A-Capella – everything you hear was multi tracked by Ray Livnat. Music by Eyal Amir. Lyrics by Ray Livnat. Wake: I find myself beside your hospital bed bright lights reveal your eyes still closed as they have been before I smell the scent of jasmine filling the room your nose might catch its drift, drawing, intoxicating I try having one-sided dialogs now, your ears should sense my tone stroking them as it whispers: open your eyes and say that you hear me! don’t make me wait anymore. I call softly for sleeping beauty – arise! (unwise) I try to improvise: I’m asking louder – open your eyes and say that you hate me! don’t make me wait anymore. Waiting for your unplanned waking while I pretend taking so long to have you with me is a burden I can stand I see Frankie between some records I brought he asked you for a dance, but you declined politely I rub lightly the tip of your cotton gown so thin that with no words my hands could tell your skin to open your eyes and say that you want me to leave Waiting for your unplanned waking while I pretend taking so long to have you with me is a burden I can stand we’d go dancing and be just like Fred and Ginger (I’ll even let you lead if you don’t like my moves) and then I’d give you flowers – the ones you love, that go with your evening dress we’d hold hands at the movies and make faces as Tracy and Hepburn kiss we’d share ice-cream for dinner, and I could tell you all about when I had hopes for me to stop waiting for your