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THePETEBOX Future Loops beatbox Album Track 1 Guitar Loop Pedal – Kids

Download the audio single here – Watch my live, video, studio album online here – Here it is, the first single off my debut beatbox album THePETEBOX – Future Loops. It’s a cover of Kids from one of my favourite bands MGMT The track is all recorded live in one take, there are no pre-recorded sounds or anything added post recording… it’s all live! This is the first single off my debut album Future Loops, a live, studio album that I am releasing through videos on youtube. There will be one every two weeks up to the official release date on 11th April 2012. For more info watch this vid – Equipment list: Shure KSM9 Microphone Fender Mustang Guitar Boss RC-50 Loop Pedal TC-Helicon VoiceLive 2 Focusrite Trackmaster Pro eq/compression Sansamp The mother ship including Fuzz Pedal for guitar solo (My mate Henry’s effects board) Phaser pedal Korg Kaoss Pad 3 Recorded into Logic Filmed by Simon Ellis – at First Love Studios, Nottingham Mastered by – http Visit the album website – Thanks to: http First Love Studios
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Check out Dalia Colon’s audio report here: Video by Luis Santana | Times
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Super Mario Beatbox

super mario audio and sfx re-done by beatboxer poizunus. Keep up to date with Poizunus on Twitter:

Bobby McFerrin Human Beatbox

The guy is fantastic! Bobby McFerrin entertains us with this solo performance.

Is it possible to do the accurate electric guitar sound in beatbox?

Question by : Is it possible to do the accurate electric guitar sound in beatbox?
I’m an Egyptian 14 year old girl and i have a big dream to be one of the best beatboxers or u can say the best.
I practice a lot to improve my skills but i just wanted to ask if the accurate electric guitar sound can be made in beatbox cuz i really want to do it because my fav music is rock and metal.
If you have any links or videos that would help please insert them and thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Gdgh
Yes Im not sure if there are any videos. If you want i can put your videos on youtube, check out my channel, we advertise videos

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Usher – Without You A CAPELLA Cover!!! – Show your support on iTunes by purchasing this song! – —“Without You” by David Guetta Ft. Usher “A Capella” Cover Get my newest album on iTunes!! Make sure you head over to Peter’s page and subscribe! He makes some amazing videos!! Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: My videos shot by Chip Sprague: Check out Jimmy Bates who helped film and edit this piece! Jimmy Bates ( ) @fifgenfilms Arr: Tommy ( ) Edited by Ben Lieberman T-SHIRTS -US & Asia T-shirts – Europe Go here to make sure you never miss a video! http For BOOKING: JRICEBOOKING (AT) gmail (dot) com

Dub FX 18/04/2009 ‘Flow’ feat. Woodnote


How do you stop yourself from beat boxing?

Question by : How do you stop yourself from beat boxing?
It isn’t like I am good or anything… I start beat boxing when I start searching on google.
sounds like a good try duke!

Best answer:

Answer by G00dbye My Friend
make different noises with your mouth.
bite your lips

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Such Great Heights Acapella

Such Great Heights Acapella

100% acapella. No music tracks whatsoever. A tribute to my favourite band. The Postal Service has brought me through a lot, and tearing this song apart to it’s bare bones really gave me a new appreciation for Jimmy Tamborello (google him). FACEBOOK: TWITTER: WEBSITE: I am accompanied by Chelsea-Lyne Heins! Make sure to check out her channel
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Free Beats

Free Beats was created and produced by Chris Sullivan with the support of the Sierra Mist Creative Lab which promotes emerging comedy talent.
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